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3rd reflection, 30 march 2010 :

In my 3rd reflection , i will share about the recommendation report which the title is ( i forgot already, the title is way toooo long). Well, we will continue with the progress of the report shall we while i recalling back the title of our report.So, 1st of all the idea of the recommendation report is to identify the student's choice between pulau tioman and pulau redang which is both of the island are in the east side of malaysia peninsular for their planning vacation in the sem break.Mostly the idea we get are from the internet.After that , we divide the work according to the criteria of the research. As my part, i got the accommodations and also indoors and outdoors activities. We also conducted the presentation based on the criteria from the project.

2nd reflection, 17 march 2010 :

here we are in my 2nd reflections.In this reflection, i will share about the way in the making of cover letter, resume and also share some of my mock interview's experiences.

1) Step by Step in the making of the cover letter :

- first of all , im writing down my address , the date of the cover letter and also the address of the company that i want to 'work' with.

- Starting of the body , i am introduce myself frankly such as telling the person who will read this cover letter that im graduated student from this U university.Then,i have to design the opening sentence as marvelous as possible to get the person to really read what i can do. The cover letter have to be visual appealing and coordinate with the resume.

- The resume contains my fullname, address ,education level,interest and also my contact details such as email and phone number.

1st reflection , 17 february 2010 :

Soooooooo....reflections huh ??? what should i say about it ?? herm...what i do understand about reflections ( after i did some homework aka asking my friend just now about the meaning of reflections )is something that i can see roughly. Through this reflections,i would like to express my excitement and i can't wait to key in another reflection ( because this is the very first reflections that i create) to make my blog as update as possible..thank you..



1.1 Purpose

The purpose of this recommendation report is to recommend the most recommended place for students to spend on holiday between Tioman Island and Redang Island. Through this report, we hope that we can give ideas and detailed information of the most suitable and economical vacation which meets student’s requirements.

1.2 Method

There are 4 methods that we used to collect the information which are questionnaires, brochures, internet articles and interview.

1.3 Scope

As a travel agent, this survey is for UTeM’s student. The scope of this research project focuses primary holiday island of Tioman Island and Redang Island. The criteria that we would like to compare are based on the distance,cost, transport, accommodation, facilities, indoor and outdoor activities.

1.4 Problem Statement

As a student, the study and curricular schedule are very pack and we do not have so much time to spend and have fun together. So, most of them are planning to go on a vacation during this semester break. Malaysia is one of the countries in Asia that offers the best and beautiful island on earth. Through this, we as a travel agent will recommend the best place that offers the best package for us.


This memo report is in response to student request for a recommendation concerning between of the two best tropical island vacation which is Redang Island and Tioman Island. The purpose of this report is to analyze two popular places in Malaysia and recommend the best choice for students their holiday. We have compared between the benefits and perks of having a holiday at Redang Island and Tioman Island. Besides that, we also look for the best deal when having a holiday at Redang Island and Tioman Island. We choose these places as their famous beach yet their adventure island which is very suitable for students to spend their holiday. Never-ending sunshine, pristine beaches, and amazing sunsets --- nothing can go wrong during such a vacation. A student always need an escape from their everyday life and sometimes have to do something better rather than to the class, do assignments, studies and sit for examinations. Semester break is coming which is the only time that the students can have time to spent out and have fun together along with their friends.

2.1 Pulau Redang

Redang Island, locally known as Pulau Redang or just “Redang” is one of the largest islands off the east coast of Malaysia. It’s popular for snorkeling and diving activities. Located 45 km off the coast of Kuala Terengganu is the largest of a group of islands dotting the South China Sea off the Terengganu coast. Redang has one of the best beaches in Malaysia and one of the clearest waters. Access is from Merang or Kuala Terengganu on boats operated by the resorts. Pulau Redang is the biggest of all the islands measuring about 7 km long and 6 km wide. Its highest peak is Bukit Besar at 359 metres above sea level. The waters around Pulau Redang also contain two historic shipwrecks: The H.M.S. Prince of Wales and H.M.S. Repulse, which sank here at the start of World War II, setting the stage for the Japanese occupation of Malaya. This paradise island is perfect for snorkeling, swimming, scuba-diving, jungle trekking, boating and canoeing. No fishing is allowed within a 3.2km radius of the island as Pulau Redang is gazette as a marine park. The collection of corals and other aquatic life is also strictly prohibited.

2.2 Pulau Tioman

Tioman Island is located in the state of Pahang some 32 km off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. It is a small island with 39 km length and 12 km width.There are eight main villages in Tioman, the largest is Kampung Tekek in the north. The island is densely forested, and it is surrounded by numerous coral reefs thus making it a popular diving spot among scuba divers. According to legend, this island is the final resting place of a mythical dragon princess. The warm waters and good visibility make Tioman a paradise for divers. Discover astounding sights such as colourful Gorgonian sea fans, Staghorn corals, nudibranchs and beautifully sculptured sea sponges. Snorkellers can delight in swimming alongside huge Napoleon Wrasse, Golden Striped Trevally, Bumphead Parrotfish and shoals of Fusiliers. Each village offers a different and unique atmosphere. Tioman's verdant greenery is home to a splendid variety of plants and small animals, including butterflies, monitor lizards, deer and monkeys. Its flora and fauna have been featured in National Geographic's documentaries.The island's granite formations make for excellent rock-climbing expeditions. The more adventurous can attempt to scale the sheer cliff face of the legendary Gunung Nenek Semukut or Dragons Horns.

Due to this, we are comparing for the best package between Pulau Tioman and Pulau Redang and which one offers the best price that every one of us can afford to pay it, transportation to get there, included the accommodations, outdoor and indoor activities.


3.1 Criteria

There are certain criteria that have been taken into consideration in comparing the tropical island of Pulau Tioman and Pulau Redang. There are the journeys and duration, prices/costs overall, transportation to get there, the accommodations, facilities and also the outdoor and indoor activities.

3.2 Detailed breakdown on every criterion

3.2.1. Journey and duration is safe and take less than 12 hours:

The journey to Redang Island which indicates about 650 km journey, takes about 6-7 hours drive from Malacca to the Merang, Terengganu. While from Merang to Pulau Redang, it takes approximation 50 minutes by boats and ferries. The journey to Tioman Island which indicates about 650 km journey, takes about 4-5 hours from Melaka to Mersing, Johor. While from Mersing to Pulau Tioman take approximation 1 hour 20mins by boats and ferries. Based on both comparisons, Tioman has the safe and fewer hours are taken to reach rather than Redang because Tioman is nearer to Melaka.




Distance from Melaka

Approximately about 650 km

Approximately about 380 km

Duration from Melaka to mainland jetty

6-7 hours

4-5 hours

Duration from mainland jetty to island jetty

50 minutes

1 hour 20mins

Table 1: Distance and Duration

3.2.2 Cost most not exceed RM 350 per person budget limit:

The base cost to get to the jetty depends on the distance the mainland jetty from Melaka. The base cost includes bus express service and food and beverages during the journey. Transportation that provide by Transnational bus only cost RM 43.10 from Melaka to Terengganu, while RM 19.40 from Melaka to Mersing. It is clearly stated that Tioman has the lowest base cost.

The most suitable transportation to get to the island is by boats and ferries. Thus, for Redang Island from Merang or Kuala Terengganu by boats and ferries that operated by the resorts cost about RM 40 to RM50 per way. So it cost about RM 100 per two-way. While Tioman Island from Mersing Jetty by ferries that operated by Bluewater Express, it cost about RM 20 to RM35 per way. So it cost about RM 70 per two-way. Within this comparison, it shows that Tioman has the lowest cost for a budget holiday.

For both island, a marine park fee is charged on all visitors and tourist. No matter which way you choose to arrive whether by water transportation or air, the fee can be arranged directly with resorts. For both of Redang and Tioman, RM 5 is charged.

The accommodations for both islands are the best. But we are searching the best for our costumer within their demand. We have chosen the best resort with budget range that demand by our costumer. Resort price for Redang Island vacation is RM 116 per person. While for Tioman Island vacation is RM 100 per person. Both resorts provide room of three which is the best room for student holiday and they also include services for tourist.




Base cost

RM 45 per way

RM 90 per two way

RM 22 per way

RM 44 per two way


RM 40 to RM50 per way

RM 100 per two-way

RM 20 to RM35 per way

RM 70 per two-way

Entrance Fee

RM 5

RM 5


RM 348.00 per room of 3

So its RM 116 per person

RM 300.00 per room of 3

So its RM 100 per person


RM 311

RM 219

Table 2: Cost Option

In this page we will discuss about the accommodations, facilities and indoors outdoors activity based on the Salang Beach Resort, Tioman Island and also Redang Bay Resort, Redang Island.

3.3.3 Accommodations provided

Salang Beach Resort, Tioman Island

The Salang Beach Resort is located towards the north of Salang Village. At the edge of the slightly rocky beach, the wooden chalets are all clustered around a garden that is dotted with picnic tables and gazebos and has hammocks tied between palm trees. Built in “kampung” (village) style, all chalets have an attached bathroom and some have a beautiful view of the sea. This 3 days 2 nights package per person including:

· 2 way boat transfer

· 2 night accommodation

· Meals as specified (2 breakfasts / 1 lunch/ 2 dinners)

· 1 day sightseeing tour (sea sports equipment not included)

· 2 snorkeling trips

· Additional breakfast at RM 9.00/person

· A surcharge of Public Holiday : RM 30.00/room /night

Redang Bay Resort , Redang Island

Redang Bay Resort is a unique island holiday resort dedicated to explore the beach and sand of Redang . This resort has 65 comfortable air-conditioned rooms, ranging from Chalet to Standard and Economy with attached bathroom and fresh water throughout the day. This 3 days 2 nights package including:

· Ferry or boat transfer from Shahbandar Jetty or Merang Jetty ↔ Redang Island

· 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 afternoon teas, 1 dinner, 1 BBQ

· 3 snorkeling trips

· 2 night accommodation

· A surcharge Public Holiday RM80.00/room/night


Salang Beach Resort, Tioman Island

Redang Bay Resort, Redang Island

Twin Sharing

Triple Sharing

RM 310.00

RM 300.00

RM 358.00


Table 3: The summary of the accommodations for both resorts

3.3.4 Facilities provided

Various facilities provided at both of the resort will increase the attractiveness and it is necessary to attract tourists to stay in a resort. Table 2 below shows the summary of the facilities for both resorts:



Salang Beach Resort, Tioman Island

· Restaurant

· Snorkeling/ Snorkeling trips / round island boat trips

· Boat service

· TV room

· Beach volleyball

· Mini market

· Dive Centre

· Safe box

· Email service

· Laundry

· Spa

Redang Bay Resort, Redang Island

· Swimming Pool

· Karaoke Lounge

· Mini Cineplex

· Laundry

· Safe deposit boxes

· Foreign currency exchange

· Ferry services

· Parcel and postal services

· Gift shop

Table 4: Facilities provided

3.3.5 Indoors and Outdoors Activities

Indoors and outdoors activities that have been provided on these two islands have their own advantages and also interesting characteristic. One of the reason is because the outdoors activity for example, available to create some kind of experience for a student having fun in a different ways while bringing them closer to the beauty of flora and fauna located in both of the island. Besides that, there are plenty of indoor activity provide at the resort to attract the visitors.




Salang Beach Resort, Tioman Island

· Spa

· Duty-free shopping

· Tennis

· Swimming pool

· Games room

· Gymnasium

· Rock climbing

· Round Island Tour

· Scuba Diving

· Snorkeling

· Rock climbing

· Waterfalls

· Jungle trekking

· Golfing

Redang Bay Resort, Redang Island

· Golf course

· Tennis

· Swimming pool

· Games room

· Gymnasium

· Indoor Board Games

· Internet Room

· Archery

· snorkeling

· sailing

· Windsurfing

· Canoeing

· deep sea fishing

· Jungle trekking

· Tours around the island

· Non-Motorized Water Sports

· Sunset Cruise

Table 5 : Indoor and Outdoor Activities


4.1 Conclusion

Both Islands provide same attraction and satisfaction for tourists. But we are recommending the most suitable place for students’ vacation. Based on a few guided criteria, we managed to recommend the best place and affordable for student. Throughout this report, we can guarantee that if student choose what we have recommended they will have the best vacation ever.

4.2 Recommendation

We recommend Tioman Island as a place for students to spend on holiday, which meets all our criteria. More importantly Tioman Island Tioman has the safe and fewer hours are taken to reach rather than Redang because Tioman is nearer to Melaka which approximately 380km. Besides that, Tioman Island offers the budget that is not exceeded than RM 35O which is quite affordable for students. In Tioman Island, there have a Salang Beach Resort that offers extra activities rather than Redang Bay Resort,Pulau Redang. Moreover, Salang Beach Resort provides way much of facilities which is very comfortable. Both Islands gives full entertainment of outdoor and indoor activities. But, Redang Bay Resort offers more activities. So, based on the criterion stated above, we would like to recommend Tioman Island as the most suitable place for student to spend on their holiday. If this recommendation receives your approval, we will manage your trip to Tioman Island on your demand.



Figure 1 Map of Pulau Tioman

Figure 2 Map of Pulau Redang



As the travel agency, we would like to run a survey among UTeM’s student. We would like to recommend place for students to spend their holiday among group members or society members: Pulau Redang VS Pulau Tioman. If you’re planning an Island vacation, that shows that you’re dreaming about the warm sun, white sand beaches, turquoise waters and gentle trade winds. Choose your answer based on your opinion.

Section A


Gender: Male/Female

Section B

1. Have you ever go on vacation at the island before?

a) Yes

b) No

2. Would you like to have a vacation on the island?

a) Yes

b) No

3. Which is the most important criteria to be consider when deciding a vacation?

a) Budget per person

b) Distance

c) Attractions

4. If you are planning an island vacation for 3 days and 2 nights, within what range of budget per person do you prefer?

a) RM200-RM350

b) RM200-RM500

c) RM200-RM700

5. Which of the stated transportation would you prefer to use from Melaka to the mainland jetty?

a) Bus

b) Taxi

c) Vehicle (rental/own)

6. What kind of activities that you choose to do when you are on island vacation?

a) Scuba diving and Snorkeling

b) Fishing

c) Barbeque

d) Photographing

e) Hiking and mountain bike

f) Dry spa and massage

7. Which place do you prefer to stay when you on this vacation?

a) Chalet

b) Moderate resort

c) High class resort

8. What type of food do you prefer while on vacation?

a) Barbeque

b) Local food

c) Western food

d) Seafood

9. If you’re given two options, which one do you prefer the most for your island vacation?

a) Pulau Redang, Terengganu

b) Pulau Tioman, Pahang

10. What is your suggestion regarding your dreams island vacation?


Figure 3 : A scenery of Pulau Tioman

Figure 4 : A scenery of Pulau Redang





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